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2014 FOALS

Santana SS - sold

2014 Hanoverian by Stedinger/Sandro Hit/Landadel  out of La Estrella Fugaz HU/Leonberg/Cashman

Santana SS, aka Sammy.

  • Top foal at the 2014 Michigan Hanoverian inspection with outstanding comments.  

  • Top foal at the 2015 Michigan Hanoverian Futurity.

  • Top Yearling at the 2015 Lamplight/Chicago Young Horse Show and was high point yearling in the national standings.

Her sire, Stedinger, by Sandro Hit x Landadel, is a much sought after contemporary sire in Europe and was the unequivocal approval winner of the 2002 Oldenburg Stallion Days and has sired 20 licensed offspring and numerous States Premium mares.  Her dam, La Estrella Fugaz HU is by the GP stallion Leonberg/Lonely Boy and out of a Cashman/Contender mare, was Gold Premium at her RPSI inspection and had Elite scores at her Hanoverian MPT.  Both sire and damn are modern and elastic and are bred for dressage and jumping

Sammy is very sweet, feminine, extremely refined and has a huge personality that is addicting with her big soft eye and forward ears that are always looking for attention.  Her conformation is outstanding and gates light and lofty.  Her walk is HUGE and she uses that deep, sitting hind leg to float at the trot when she hears you coming.  $16,000

Charade SS - sold

2014 Oldenburg by Contucci/Caprimond out of Cassatt/CorNoir/Ratibor

I love this girl! This stunning and athletic girl has the breeding, well-muscled conformation, uphill build and should finish at or over 17 hands.  Both sire and dam lines are filled with outstanding performance horses.  Beautiful gaits, impulsion and elasticity in addition to a loving personality. So easy to train, perfect standing for the vet/farrier, braiding or trailering for the first time by herself, she has handled it all with calm sophistication and trust.  She had to be weaned before inspections, so went alone. Jumped right in the trailer, rode 3 hours there quietly, spent the night alone and presented herself beautifully and then jumped right back into the trailer for the long ride home.  She is impressive!!!
This filly was bred with the intention of repeating one of the most successful warmblood crosses, Contucci with the Cor de le Breyer mare line, that has produced Cabana Boy, Con Dia, Cha Ching, Chiquita, Concertina.  The desirable Contucci/Cor Noir/Cor de le Bryere cross has produced many current and past talented offspring in the upper levels of the Dressage arena, Hunter/Jumper ring and in Eventing. $11,000
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